What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10

Now that you have an idea of what Pinterest is and how to use the platform, it’s time to get some content onto it. But what exactly is a Pin on Pinterest and what do all the different elements of a pin let you do?

Let start by having a look at the anatomy of a Pin on Pinterest:

What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.


The Anatomy of a Pin

Every pin on Pinterest consists of an image, video, slideshow or audio file. Let’s look at the image-based pin as an example here, because that’s the easiest type of content to understand and it’s also the most used on the platform.

As soon as you click on any pin on Pinterest, you will see more details of that pin as you can see on the image above.


The top part

On top, you start with the pin-it button. When you click on this button, you can ‘re-pin’ (share) that pin into one of your own pin boards. The number of times this piece of content has been ‘re-pinned’ shows in the top right corner. More on how to pin on Pinterest in lesson 8 and more on how to pin a photo on Pinterest and how to design your own pins in lesson 9 of this tutorial.

Next to the pin-it button, you will find a button to edit the pin (description, what board it is in, source url (only for your own pins) and location) and an option to share the pin on your other social media channels.

When you look at the image itself, you will notice a small icon in the top right corner. Clicking on this icon will take you to the visual search page. In 2015, Pinterest introduced a powerful image search option where (parts of) an image can be searched for in the millions of existing images on the platform.

What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.


THE bottom PART

If you’re really wondering what is a Pin on Pinterest, then make sure to look at the bottom of the pin. This is where the real magic happens. Not only can your find information on who the pinner of that piece of content is, but also what the source website is, on which board the pin was saved on and what comments other pinners have left.

The most important part, however, are the sections that show the pin description and the rich pin meta data. The pin description is the section of the pin that you can edit with the button on the top of the pin. It’s where you describe to your followers what they see on the image and what they can see/learn/read/download on your website after they click on the pin. Make sure you enter the keywords you want to be found on in Pinterest search in the description box.

Rich pins are pins that include a bit more information on the pin itself. There are 6 types of them (app, film, recipe, article, product and place pins) and they require a bit of code to be added into your website. For the article rich pin, the one we have installed on our travel blog, it pulls the rich pin meta data from the meta description on my WordPress blog. You can find all the information you need on this on the Pinterest website.

What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.


What is a Pin on Pinterest?

You’ve now had a bit of an insight in exactly what a ‘pin’ is, but what do you do with these pieces of content? Well, you place them into boards.

We’ll tell you all about boards in the next lesson of this tutorial, so let’s go!



What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.



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