What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10

What are Pinterest boards? Simply put, a board on Pinterest is the place where you collect your Pins. Currently you can set up 350 boards, but I recommend starting with about 10 and slowing building them out as you go.

We won’t recommend setting up more than 40-50 boards in total, as it becomes quite hard to maintain all of them after that. My advice it to go deep, rather then broad on Pinterest. Let’s find out how.


Pinterest Board Topics

You can create a board for any topic you want, but make sure to make it as specific as possible. For example, instead of ‘Thailand’, go for ‘Thailand Travel’, or even better: ‘Thailand Family Travel’.

By making your board themes very specific, you make it easier for people to find you and this way you through search can become a real expert on a certain topic. Just have a look below to see what I mean:

What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.

What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.

search rankings happen based on search term mentions in the board title, the board description, username of the pinner and descriptions of pins in that board, so make sure to use your most important keywords everywhere!


Pinterest Board MAINTENANCE

If you ever decide to change the title of any of your boards, be aware that this will also change the URL of the board. The pins in that board will stay where they are. If you choose to delete a board, all the Pins within that board will be deleted as well.

Because Pinterest users can follow specific boards on your account instead of your entire account, be careful in deleting boards as you could lose followers this way.


Setting up a Pinterest Board

Now that you know what are Pinterest boards, let’s set up a new board. Simply click on the grey rectangle with the ‘+’ sign (‘Create a board’) on the left hand side of your profile. Then fill in all the lines of the form that pops up on your screen.

Again, make sure to choose a narrow topic for your board and use your preferred keywords in the description as well. This will help you get found better in search.

Don’t forget to add your board to a specific category.

What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.


Optional: Add a map to the board (great for location based businesses) or keep the board secret to collaborate in private with staff, clients or customers. You can always turn the map board into a general board again and a secret board can be turned visible, and vice versa.

You can also invite collaborators to your board. When they accept, your board will also appear on their account. The person that set up the group board will have admin rights and can change board title and description. Depending on your settings, either the admin or all invited pinners can add new people to the group board.

Video Tutorial

Pinterest offers great video tutorials about different topics. Here are two about setting up boards:


What are Pinterest Boards?

I hope this post answered your questions about setting up board on Pinterest. Repeat all of the above to create a couple of them. Remember to sign up for the newsletter to receive your free guide chock full of Pinterest board ideas for travel brands.

Now that your boards have been set up, it’s time to fill them with amazing content! Get ready to click through to part 8 of the series and learn how to pin.



What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.



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