Which Pinterest Scheduler to Use? (Reader Question)

I’ve been collecting questions from Pinterest users at every opportunity I get for a while now, as I believe this is the best way to write content for you that is most helpful to your business’ Pinterest success. This week, we’ll answer a question that came in through the newsletter survey, which I’d like to thank everyone that participated in that for! Your questions show me exactly where help is needed and of course I’m happy to give advice where I can.

If you’d still like to fill in the survey (it’s only 2 questions), please follow this link: bit.ly/DreamPinGo. Got more questions? Feel free to enter the survey again, I will keep it open until the online course has launched, so I can include as much of them in there, as well as in blog posts here on the site and in the newsletter. Thank you!

This week’s question is about Pinterest Schedulers. As you might know, there are quite a few out there nowadays: Tailwind, Viraltag, BoardBooster, Buffer… just to name a few. This wasn’t always the case though, for years, we had to do without!

Before we go into which one is the ‘best’, let’s be clear that while these tools definitely make it much easier for businesses to keep on track managing all social media outlets on a daily basis, I wouldn’t recommend using them as your sole way of adding content to your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is known for changing their algorithms all the time and you always want to work with a nice mix of strategies to make sure you don’t get left behind when they change the ‘rules’ again. So schedule one part, sure, but also re-pin directly from the accounts you follow on Pinterest, use the pin-it browser button to bookmark great content from different websites around the internet (don’t forget your own), or upload pins directly into your boards. Balance is key in life, and it’s no different on Pinterest.


Which Pinterest Scheduler to use? (Reader Question) | Dream.Pin.Go. Pinterest for the Tourism Industry

Which Pinterest Scheduler to use?


Ok, straight into this week’s reader question now:

I am currently using Tailwind and always wondered about the other scheduling tools… I never bothered to learn them since I already know Tailwind so well. Can you please elaborate on the various benefits of each? I want to know what I’m missing out on and make sure that Tailwind is right for me.

Great question! I’ve actually never really gotten into Tailwind myself, but instead I’ve been using Buffer so far to schedule pins to Pinterest. I’ve been experimenting a bit with BoardBooster and the Pinterest scheduler of the Ahalogy Content platform, but I’m also currently testing Viraltag.

As I’m still experimenting myself, I thought it would be best to tackle one Pinterest scheduler at a time here on the blog and let you know what I believe are the pro’s and con’s of each. So, I will be reviewing 2 Pinterest scheduling tools per week in the next weeks and will end with a short overview of them all in a final blog post. How does that sound?

This would be the plan, so you can keep me to it:

Tuesday April 12 – Buffer Pinterest Scheduling Tool
Friday April 15 – Viraltag Pinterest Scheduling Tool
Tuesday April 19 – BoardBooster Pinterest Scheduling Tool
Friday April 22 – Ahalogy Pinterest Scheduling  Tool
Tuesday April 26 – Tailwind Pinterest Scheduling Tool
Friday April 29 – Overview Post

If there is any Pinterest scheduler I missed that you are very curious about, let me know and I’ll try to add it to the list. And if you already have good (or bad, we want to know!) experiences with any of these tools, please leave a comment below. Talk soon!



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4 thoughts on “Which Pinterest Scheduler to Use? (Reader Question)

  1. Thanks Nienke, I’m curious about how your testing will go. I’m currently using Tailwind, Buffer and Boardbooster. I don’t see any of them overperforming others.. so I’m not even sure myself which ones I’ll continue using. I wonder how many are Pinterest API partners? I know Tailwind is, but I don’t see it perform incredibly well.

    1. Hi Veronika! Thanks for your comment, I am also keen to find out if there is any major benefits of using one scheduler over another, it’s so easy to just stick with the one we know and it can be hard to choose or switch to another tool, right? As far as API Partners is concerned, I found on https://business.pinterest.com/en/marketing-developer-partners that Ahalogy, Buffer and Tailwind are official partners. I even found a couple more great tools that seem worth it testing out. Ah! I need more hours in the week to test them! 🙂 Good luck with your Pinterest Marketing!

  2. http://PinPinterest.com is the tool I use and recommend. It is an automation and marketing tool for pinterest that is free to use and runs on the cloud. It is mobile optimised and has Pin Scheduler and Speed control options.
    I’ve personally gained more than 55k followers for my pinterest account since I’ve started using PinPinterest, and a lot of them are now regular readers on my travel blog, TravelMagma.
    The best feature of PinPinterest is its sophisticated content detection technology, which detects pins relevant to my business and pins them on my account. Also, it makes sure my account is ban-safe by imitating a human-like speed . .

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