Brand Package: Economy

The Economy brand package is for all small travel companies (with a small budget) looking to get started with Pinterest and getting a bit of help managing their account, while still pinning regularly themselves as well.

This package includes:

  • 450 pins per month (15 pins per day)
  • Weekly email support
  • Monthly growth report
  • Access to our group boards
  • Creating new pins (up to 10 pins per month)
  • Access to pin graphic template
  • Pinning at optimal times

£ 250 (around $/€ 300) per month
minimum of 6 months


PLEASE NOTE: All new accounts require one time £ 75 (around $/€ 90) boarding.

The boarding includes:

  • 30 minute introduction Skype
  • Planning keyword & content strategy
  • Profile set-up (if needed)
  • Rich pin set-up (if needed)
  • Pin graphic template set-up
  • Board optimization (titles & descriptions, cover image and group boards)


Please contact us with any questions or to apply for this package!