How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning

The following travel bloggers all understand the value of using Pinterest for travel planning. Read their quotes or click on their blog names to find their entire articles on this topic.


Pinterest for Travel Planning

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Trip – The Blonde Abroad

“You can get inspired to travel one beautiful photo at a time!” – Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad

“I love Pinterest for travel planning. I especially find it useful for finding amazing places to eat as well as links to posts about cheap eats in a particular place or city.” – Britt, reader The Blonde Abroad


How to use Pinterest for Travel Planning and Inspiration – y Travel Blog

“What I love about Pinterest, and what separates it from say Facebook and Instagram, is that things stay where I put them and are easy to find again, for me and others.” – Craig Makepeace, y Travel Blog

“I find Pinterest to be especially useful for discovering new places to I want to visit — as well as adding ideas for places I am already planning to go! I also love Pinterest for incorporating travel back into my life once I’ve returned home. I’ll often start a board centered around a city or a country I’ve loved and use it to continue to feel connected to that place.” – Anne, reader of y Travel Blog

“I only recently got onto Pinterest and the very first board I created was ‘Travel Wishlist’!” – Menorca, reader of y Travel Blog


How To Use Pinterest For Travel Planning – TRAVELING NINE TO FIVER

“Pinterest is one of many sources that is making it easier to really dig in while you travel. Before you’d have a travel guide and, otherwise stumble to try and get past the tourist spots. Now you have access to great information from travelers all over the globe.” – Megan MacNee, Traveling Nine to Fiver


How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning | Dream.Pin.Go.


Pinteresting Tool for Planning Your Trip – Her Packing List

“Pinterest has grown into a huge community of awesome people with all kinds of interests and specialties. Take advantage of the recommended boards that pop up, as they will probably be super cool travel enthusiasts like yourself. Then before you know it, your home page will be filled with more travel inspiration than you can tear yourself away from.” – Kate Bruehler for Her Packing List

“I totally use Pinterest in planning. I save everything there.” – Anita, reader Her Packing List


How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation – Ordinary Traveler

“Not only will the photos and infographics you come across help you to visualize yourself at each destination, but Pinterest’s online social capabilities let you make a digital itinerary for your trip, or share them with your friends.” Christy Woodrow, Ordinary Traveler

“I’m completely addicted to Pinterest, use it to plan pretty much every trip, at least for initial inspiration!” – Saana, reader Ordinary Traveler


How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning – Adventures Around Asia

“In the past I used to create word documents for trip planning to save relevant websites. That’s a huge hassle! Pinterest is way easier and much more visually appealing. Plus, you can share your awesome trip research with others!” – Richelle Gamlam, Adventures Around Asia

“I also make group boards to share with my travelling companions sometimes so we can all add ideas.” – Paula, reader of Adventures Around Asia


How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning | Dream.Pin.Go.


How I’m Using Pinterest to Plan My Trip to Puerto Rico – Kidventurous

“As I started to create a Puerto Rico pin board on Pinterest, I noticed that Pinterest was slowly narrowing down top activities to do on the island: kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay, walking the colorful streets of Old San Juan, trekking through the El Yunque rain forest. These are the images I saw most frequently, so clearly these were not to be missed.” – Erin Gifford, Kidventurous

“Pinterest Got the Family Excited About the Trip. My oldest daughter is eight, and of course she can read, but young kids like pictures. So of course my kids love scrolling through the colorful pictures on my Puerto Rico pin board. It’s the perfect guidebook for them since it’s almost entirely images, with just a few words here and there to note the location of the picture.” – Erin Gifford, Kidventurous


How to Plan Travel Using Pinterest – A Week at the Beach

“Pinterest is basically the online manifestation of the way in which I stored travel information off-line; inspiration boards, folders stuffed with ripped-out magazine articles, my favorite travel photos and articles organized by destination and trip” – Annelise Schoups, A Week at the Beach

“As a Travel Planner I collaborate with clients on their travel vision board so that I can get an exact view of what is most important for their vacation. Pinterest is perfect for travel planning. People experience the same destination different ways. This is a wonderful way to narrow it down and connect them with the right things.” – Karla, reader of A Week at the Beach


Visiting Iceland Via Pinterest – UNLOCKING KIKI

“As soon as I type in the name of the place I will be visiting my screen is filled with beautiful pictures and I start pinning away mentally planning how I can fit everything in on my trip. The best part is that many of the things I find on Pinterest are ones I had yet to read elsewhere and would have missed otherwise.” – Kaelene (Kiki), Unlocking Kiki

“My sister and I traveled around Europe a few years ago and found so many awesome places to visit on Pinterest that I don’t think we would have known about otherwise.” – Laura, readers of Unlocking Kiki



How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning | Dream.Pin.Go.




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