Get Access to our New Mini-Course: Pinterest Tips & Strategies for Travel Brands

Over the last years, I can say that I have read pretty much any article there is on Pinterest strategies. I also browsed through hundreds and hundreds of accounts to find out what elements top performing pins consist of. Recently I was invited by Pinterest UK to visit their office and talk more about best practices and getting more creative with the platform.

I run a Pinterest community called ‘Mappin Monday‘, where over 800 users share tips and circulate each other’s best pins in our group board with over 507.000 followers and almost 20.000 pins!

Yes, you can say that most of my work (and life) revolves around the visual bookmarking platform Pinterest.

That’s why I believe it is FINALLY time for me to share everything I learned about Pinterest with you -all bundled up in an action-orientated mini-course:


Get Access to our New Mini-Course: Pinterest Tips & Strategies for Travel Brands || Dream.Pin.Go.




Make Pinterest Finally Work For Your Business

While I called it a 'mini course' (as there is no video material & workbook... YET!), this resource I've created for you is over 15.000 words. Spread out over 12 chapters, I will take you through the entire process of setting up, optimising and maintaining your Pinterest profile.

Whether you are already using Pinterest, or starting from scratch, in step-by-step instructions, we will go into the anatomy of converting pins, tracking results and (cross)promoting your content as well as many, many other things that will help you get more out of your Pinterest account.

It's a resource I've been working on for over 3 years and consists of everything I know about Pinterest and best practices for the tourism industry. You can be sure it will answer your most burning Pinterest questions and get you started in developing a solid strategy that will bring you results in both the short- as the long run.

Are you curious to find out more and make Pinterest finally work for your business? Then click below and you'll be directed to the landing page of the mini course where you can find all the information you need.

PS. At the moment, this mini course is at the lowest price it will EVER be and you can get access to the first two chapters for free! So make sure not to miss out.



Free Pinterest Ebook for Travel Brands and Travel Bloggers | Dream.Pin.Go.    Pinterest Mini-Course: Tips & Strategies for Travel Brands & Travel Bloggers | Dream.Pin.Go.

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