Top Europe City Break Pins from Our Mappin Monday Pinterest Community

Each Monday, I will show you some of the top content from our Mappin Monday Pinterest Community. Join us to be featured!

This Monday, we have a look at some of the top Europe City Break Pins that we found in our Mappin Monday Group Board.


What Makes These Pins Great?

Have a close look at each of these individual pins. Can you guess what makes all of them so successful on Pinterest? Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out my thoughts about this…



Europe City Break Pins

I’m sure you can see why most of these Pins are performing well on Pinterest. Here are 3 elements that caught my eye and that I believe play a big role in their ultimate success:

1. The timing of these pins is right, as Spring is here, pinners are planning their city breaks for the next couple of months!
2. These pins have rich descriptions, including enticing words as ‘ultimate’, ‘best’, ‘highlights’ and even ‘enchanting’.
3. All pins have Rich Pins enabled

Next week, we’ll feature a new set of top-performing pins from our Mappin Monday community, so stay tuned!



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