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Hi, I’m Nienke Krook and I’m here to help you grow your influence on Pinterest and receive more traffic and sales as a result of that.

On Pinterest I run a community of 530.000+ travellers dreaming, planning ánd booking their next trip, under the name of The Travel Tester, which is my travel and self-development blog.


For my travel blog, I have successfully worked with a variety of destinations, tour operators and other travel brands. Partnerships varied from branded content to product and service reviews and from social media exposure and photography assignments to complete media campaigns.

Travel Brands Worked With

A selection of travel brands worked with. For all my work and/or information on how to work together, please refer to my Media Kit


Pinterest is the #1 social referrer to my website.

From the moment we got our first computer with internet at home around 1993, I’ve been hooked. And like many of you (or not, but pretend you are, don’t make me feel old!) I was there when Google was founded in 1998. That really opened the world for me!

While I mostly played adventure video games and built some tv fan-websites over the next years, I finally saw Facebook appear in 2004 (didn’t use it until my first trip in 2006 to keep in touch with travel buddies and share photos), then Twitter in 2006 (didn’t use it until my blog launched in 2012 and I was reaching out to other travellers and travel brands) and then of course Instagram and Pinterest in 2010, which I started using not long after their launch.

I was especially drawn to the last two platforms as they were so visual and are basically a collection of everything there is to love in life. I’ve always been fond of scrapbooking, photography and website building around topics that I had a personal interest in and these platforms, especially Pinterest allowed me to combine all that.

When I changed my personal Pinterest account into a business account and linked it to my blog, I soon realised that there was so much more potential then just looking at pretty pictures. I saw traffic coming in my direction fast and started experimenting with different types of content to see what worked best.

It turned out that content I pinned just once could be re-pinned for days, even weeks and now I know even years after that original pin. A single piece of content has the possibility to be passed on from one collection to another through a network of people’s interests and passions, based on search. By doing that, people get connected to that content based on what they care about, not based on what marketers think they might care about. This was a huge eye-opener to me.

“Placing the Pin itself is the drop in the water, the re-pinning is the ripple effect that helps your business gets discovered” – Kevin Knight, Partner Marketing Manager Pinterest


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The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest goes into her 6th year as a business, and in the meanwhile I’ve nurtured my account to over half a million unique followers and now consult travel brands on developing their own Pinterest strategy.

I am co-founder of Mappin Monday, a travel community with the biggest collection of travel content on Pinterest. Alongside our engaged community board on Pinterest, I run a Facebook group with over 650 people sharing their best travel content on Pinterest with each other.

Finally, as a Hello Society and Brand the Globe Pinfluencer, I am also available as a brand ambassador.

We all know that the world has changed not just in real life, but also online. Consumers are getting more and more in charge of their buying process and the traditional booking funnel in the travel industry is getting outdated.

The standard concept of push-marking, where providing information leads to interest, then desire and then action, is something from the beginning of the 20th century. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Your marketing needs to get more creative or you are going to miss out in the long run.

I see many opportunities going to waste online. And I understand why. Often, I believe, it’s because either the (often small) business owners just don’t where to get the time from and secondly, because they don’t really know what is possible.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a resource that will help you get over that barrier of jumping onto the social bandwagon. After years of experience working with Pinterest for business and seeing the results, even with just minimal effort, I would love to share my insights with you on this website, all about Pinterest for the Tourism Industry.


Mappin Monday board | Dream.Pin.Go.

A small selection of pins in our Mappin Monday Travel Community on Pinterest


More About Me (If You’re Interested)

I grew up in Diemen, a small (but older!) town next to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. My grandfather was a published travel writer with several books on faraway destinations, lightweight travel & wilderness survival on his name. My other grandfather owned a shop where he sold his own handmade leather goods like belts, wallets and bags.

My archaeologist/photographer dad and a cartographer (later head of administration at a primary school) mum, took me and my brother all around Europe in a trailer tent since we were little. I still love camping!

I am a qualified primary school teacher, but on my first solo trip to Japan and Australia in 2006, I realised that I wanted to see more of the world and ended up on another world trip in 2008, where I met my boyfriend Nick in Sydney. Together, we have lived in Sydney from 2011-2013 (where I worked in a hostel as receptionist and travel agent), in Amsterdam 2013-2014 (where I also worked for a hostel) and London 2013-today.

Here in London I became a full-time travel blogger, Pinterest consultant/public speaker and Blogger outreach manager for the Dutch market at Expedia.

Fun Facts: I lived with my family on the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin when I was 7 and again when I was 9. I always bring travel brochures back home and have hundreds of them. I also often bring back sand. And shells. And anything else I can carry. I am very fussy about eating eggs (only hard, meaning rock-solid, boiled). I dislike carrots. I’ve been an X-Files fan since forever. I saw an (alien?) crop circle once in a field in South-England. I studied Japanese for a couple of months and visited the country 6 times. I’ve only been to a hairdresser once in my life. I collect labels off cider bottles. I LOVE my job(s).

Nienke Krook

Australia, 2012


Speaker Bio

I’d love to speak at your event, conference or company about using Pinterest for business. Please refer to my speaker profile for full information. 

Nienke Krook is a former primary school teacher from The Netherlands currently living in London. As The Travel Tester she blogs about personal development through travel, matching a range of travel styles with meaningful experiences around the world. From her own addiction with Pinterest, Nienke grew her account to over 530,000 followers and has turned it into the #1 traffic driver of her blog. She has since managed accounts for a range of travel brands, given workshops and spoke at conferences about the power of this visual platform. She aims to also make your life a bit more Pinteresting.


Public Speaking on Pinterest, Nienke Krook

Speaking at TBDI in Rimini, Italy, 2014



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