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Dream.Pin.Go. helps travel brands develop a Pinterest strategy for all stages of the travel buying cycle

My name is Nienke Krook and in weekly blog posts, newsletters and an online video course that is due to launch in 2017, I am excited to finally share with you my years of experience consulting travel brands and public speaking on the topic of Pinterest for business.

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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. Organised in self-categorised ‘boards’, users ‘pin’ visual content from around the internet. This content is then visible to other users and can be shared or bookmarked again with just a click.

Bookmarking is one of the fastest methods for internet users to organize, share, and manage online content. It helps tourism businesses in becoming more visible and searchable by consumers. Because every ‘pin’ creates a backlink to the original source, businesses find traffic coming to their websites for months or even years after the original pin was placed.

Reach consumers in every phase of the travel buying cycle

Tourism marketing has always been highly visual and that proves to be useful when using platforms such as Pinterest. Visual content make dreams tangible: you can almost see yourself in a destination, taking in landmarks, dining at restaurants and experiencing the local attractions — all those things that will end up on a customer’s travel itinerary.

The power of Pinterest lies not just in the ability to drive traffic to your company website, but it also opens a window into the travel aspirations of the consumer. As content on Pinterest is not reflective of the current moment, but rather the future, there is a huge opportunity to connect with customers at key moments in their travel buying cycle.


Dream.Pin.Go. || Pinterest for the Tourism Industry


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You can get started building your own Pinterest presence right now. I’ve created a 10-part step-by-step tutorial that will talk you through everything you need to know about the use and set-up of Pinterest and it will show you how to prepare your account for success.

Click here for an overview of all the chapters in this mini-course, or choose your chapter of choice from this selection below:


How to Pinterest? Ask Dream.Pin.Go. ?? Pinterest Tips for the Tourism Industry  What is Pinterest for? Pinterest Tutorial 1/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  Who Created Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 2/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.

How to Download Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 3/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  How to Sign up for Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 4/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  How to Use Pinterest App? Pinterest Tutorial 5/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  What is a Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 6/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.

What are Pinterest Boards? Pinterest Tutorial 7/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  How to Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 8/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  How to Pin a Photo on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 9/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  How to Search for People on Pinterest? Pinterest Tutorial 10/10 | Dream.Pin.Go.  


What’s up next?

You can never have a truly effective online marketing campaign by only focusing on a single point in the traveler’s buying cycle. That’s why Dream.Pin.Go. helps you digitally greet your customers at every step of the way to their purchase.

In my upcoming online video course – expected launch June 2016 – I will be using the 5 stages of travel planning as a guidance to help you develop a Pinterest strategy for your own business. Here is a sneak-preview:


Developing a strategy to provide travellers with relevant content that makes them visualise themselves in a destination or experiencing a certain activity to move them from thinking to actively considering.


Easy ways to demonstrate the value in a certain destination/activity by providing travellers with content that shows both itinerary suggestions as tips that confirm that this type of trip and/or activity is right for them.


Practical advice to make it easy for users to find the best offers on your account and of course to book these as soon as they click through to your website.


Creative ways to provide travellers help to get around and book activities on-the-go, so that stay engaged while on vacation and get inspired to return to you on their next visit.


Best practices for collecting user-generated content and ways to use these stories and photos to amplify positive word of mouth to reach a new ‘generation’ of dreamers.

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